Destination wedding: why choose Tuscany

Destination wedding in Tuscany has recently reached numbers to be taken into account to study an interesting phenomenon on the rise. Thousands of foreign couples, in fact, have decided to celebrate their wedding in Tuscany, generating a huge number of visitors with all that implies in terms of accommodation, transportation,

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Romantic places in Tuscany

Tuscany is the ideal setting for each step of a romantic love story, starting from a walk hand in hand, to the organization of an elegant wedding ceremony, from a family trip to an anniversary celebration. Medieval alleys, cities of art, uncontaminated nature: a couple of lovers will find the

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Dream Seriously

Every project, every invention, every bright idea that helped building something useful and new are the product of minds that have dared to dream something that was not there before. The necessary qualities to carry out a project are not many, but they are fundamental: sense of observation, to study

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Event production: what does it mean?

Anyone who wants to organize an event, be a private or a company, wants the event to be successful, studied in detail and that it perfectly succeeds in the intended purpose; it can be a ceremony, a festival, a conference or a gala dinner: in all cases, you have to

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